Barrel control and acceleration through the zone are aspects of the swing all players want to master, it all starts with the grip. Jax top hand web technology guides the bat handle to the ideal position within the fingers. An ideal grip allows hitters to increase bat speed while maintaining a consistent path through the zone. The Jax web provides all hitters the ability to grip the bat handle with the least amount of muscle tension, this allows for explosive movements to occur throughout the swing. The combination of increased whip, barrel control, and minimal grip tension provide hitters of all ages the ability to improve their performance in a big way.


Jax web technology was strategically designed to provide hitters with the best protection available. The web is constructed with ultra-impact absorbing materials which provides an advanced protection rather than just a cushion, thus reducing injuries caused by high intensity handle to hand contact. Jax web technology is a system designed to keep the critical aspects of the hand protected.


Jax batting gloves are made with 100% genuine sheep skin leather, no synthetic materials are used. The wristband is constructed with moisture wicking neoprene, this provides ideal comfort and support. Spandex material is strategically placed on the back the hand for ultimate mobility and breathability. The combination of these materials and Jax web technology provides hitters of all ages with a sleek looking and better performing batting glove.