Custom JX-5 - Pitcher/Infield

Custom JX-5 - Pitcher/Infield

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Redefining Your Fielding Experience

Unleash Your Precision: Elevate your fielding game with the JX-5 Precision Fielding Glove. Crafted to cater to serious players who demand nothing but the best, this glove is a testament to precision, control, and unmatched performance. The JX-5 is designed to transform the way you play, allowing you to unlock new levels of excellence on the field.

Deep Pocket Mastery: The JX-5 isn't just a glove – it's a game-changer. Boasting our deepest pocket design, this glove closes seamlessly from thumb to pinky, giving you an unprecedented level of control over every play. Whether it's a routine catch or a game-altering move, the JX-5 empowers you to perform at the peak of your abilities.

Crafted for Excellence: With the JX-5, we've spared no detail in craftsmanship. This glove stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, featuring no palm overlay. This design choice ensures that you feel the raw essence of the leather in every movement, connecting you intimately with the game.

Your Perfect Fit: Available in sizes ranging from 11.25 to 12.75 inches, the JX-5 Precision Fielding Glove is tailored to provide you with the perfect fit. Experience a glove that feels like it's an extension of your hand, offering the comfort and control you need to excel on the field.

Defining Moments Await: Step onto the field with the JX-5 Precision Fielding Glove – a symbol of precision engineering, craftsmanship, and your unwavering dedication to the game. This is more than just a glove; it's a statement of your commitment to excellence. Redefine your fielding legacy, elevate your performance, and experience the game-changing difference of the JX-5.

Unleash precision, seize control, and redefine your fielding prowess with the JX-5.


Elevate your game – choose the JX-5 today.

Typical Processing Period - Kindly anticipate a shipping window of roughly 5-7 weeks for the dispatch of your personalized glove order from our warehouse center.

*Important to mention: Orders made during high-demand sales seasons or those encompassing Special Instructions & customized logos might undergo an extended production duration.

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